In Overture 25, Suncoast Florida Presbytery encourages presbyteries, sessions, and diaconates in the PCA “to embrace and provide a supportive posture for Christian education in our churches and communities.”

While Pastor Dwight Dolby of the Auburn Road Presbyterian Church in Venice, Florida, says that he and the Auburn Road session conceived it as a “big idea” rather than a “how to” overture, they have offered five steps toward being supportive of Christian education:

  • Teach on the nature, purpose, and tasks involved in bringing up covenant children in accordance with Ephesians 6:4;
  • Address the challenges faced by Christian families who enroll their children in public schools, and provide resources and support to equip their students to be salt and light, and remain faithful to Christ and His Word;
  • Dialogue with members in our covenant communities regarding the privileges and benefits of a wholly Christian education;
  • Offer financial, spiritual and instructional assistance to those families expressing a desire to pursue a wholly Christian education for their children whenever possible; and
  • Encourage the establishment of Christian schools in our churches and communities.

Dolby says the session of Auburn Road is particularly concerned that they hear some leaders in PCA churches play down the subject of Christian education. “We trust the language of this overture might be used of our Lord in promoting a resurgence of concern for the education of Christ’s own children and for their parents seeking encouragement, guidance, and assistance,” he says.

The overture has been referred to the Committee on Discipleship Ministries for their recommendation.