An overture recently proposed by Pacific Northwest Presbytery urges the PCA to go largely paperless for future General Assemblies. The overture requests that the Administrative Committee study the possibility of posting all committee reports online prior to GA. The ultimate goal is to save time and money, even eliminating the hassle of “docket delay” while commissioners wait for printing and distribution of reports. A side benefit would be that commissioners would have more time to look over the reports in preparation to vote.

Additionally, the motion requests that free Wi-Fi be available at whatever venue is chosen for all future assemblies. At last year’s assembly in Louisville, Ky., the fee to use Wi-Fi in the Assembly Hall was “prohibitively expensive” for many commissioners.

“We realize many commissioners will still prefer or need hard copy, and we hope the Administrative Committee will study and propose some recommendations,” said Howard Donahoe, stated clerk for Pacific Northwest Presbytery. “But regardless of whether committee reports continue to be printed, we believe every GA venue should provide free Wi-Fi for commissioners.”