In addition to the recommendation on Overture 45, the Overtures Committee made recommendations on the six more overtures today.

Overture 5, “Amend BCO 15-5.a and RAO 17-1, Paragraph 4, to Allow the General Assembly to Give Directions to the SJC in Judicial Decisions and Reasoning and Opinions”, answered in the negative.

Overture 7, “Petition Government Leaders to Insure Religious Liberty in Light of SCOTUS Ruling on Same-sex Marriage”, referred to the Administrative Committee with instructions that the AC report back to the 2017 General Assembly.

Overture 14, “Amend BCO 35-1 to Require Accused Officers to Testify”, answered in the affirmative.

Overture 32, “A Day of Prayer and Fasting”, returned to James River Presbytery without prejudice.

Overture 40, “Amend BCO 43-1 to Clarify the Timing of Higher Court Review of Complaints in Judicial Cases”, affirmed with amended wording.

Overture 60, “Resolution of Gospel Supremacy and the Work of the Church”, to answer with reference to Overture 43.