A new America is aborning before our eyes. Immigration and other factors are changing political philosophies, voting patterns, sociological assumptions, cultural expressions, and religious, moral, and ethical beliefs and styles.

There must be a new church for new America – really the “old church,” that of the early New Testament fellowship where there was “neither Gentile nor Jew, slave nor free, male nor female,” but a common community retaining some cultural and social distinctives, yet transcending them in their unified love for and commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord. (Galatians 3:28)

Though America may not have a state church she does have a national church, which is not good for the nation or the church.

In fact, the United States has many “nationalisms” and “national” churches. In our fractured era we speak of “White America,” “Black America,” “Hispanic America,” “Asian America,” and “Gay America,” “Straight America,” “Poor America,” “Rich America,” and “Native America” to name a few. Each “America” has its own nationalism and church that enshrines its worldview, sanctions its beliefs, conserves its values, preserves its culture, and perpetuates its social norms.

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