Mission to the World (MTW) will deploy an Advanced Needs Assessment (ANAT) team to Nepal Monday, May 4 to arrive in Nepal May 5. The goal of the team is to meet with national partners and visit churches in Nepal’s Emmanuel Church network to assess the needs and develop a course of action for further response.

The assessment team is going in response to the 7.8 earthquake that devastated Nepal on Saturday, April 25, 2015. As of this writing, more than 7,000 have lost their lives and thousands more are injured and homeless.

MTW’s national partners are experiencing the devastating effects of the earthquake firsthand. Seventeen people died while gathered for worship in one of the Emmanuel network churches (Nepalese churches worship on Saturday). In total, 23 believers involved with MTW partner churches have died. Many more have lost their homes. One partner church, though significantly damaged itself, has become a temporary shelter for 150 community members who have lost their homes. Those seeking shelter are sleeping within the walls of the church compound (which also houses a Bible school, children’s home, widow’s home, and home for widows) though they are sleeping outdoors due to the constant threat of aftershocks.

MTW’s Global Disaster Response efforts are always coordinated in connection with the local church, making MTW unique. All donations will have a direct impact on MTW partner communities. The assessment team will look at the best ways to provide for these partner church communities to help them rebuild and heal from the devastating impact of a disaster.

MTW is asking for help in three ways: First and foremost — pray for MTW’s national partners and their congregations in Nepal. Then consider an online donation to help meet critical needs in the wake of this disaster. And finally, share a bulletin insert and PowerPoint slide in church this Sunday (available at www.mtw.org/disaster).

For more information visit www.mtw.org/disaster, or follow MTW updates on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

New donations address:
MTW  Donations
Project 93943, Nepal Earthquake
PO Box 2589
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