Last February, Mission to the World (MTW) and the community of Holy Trinity Reformed Church celebrated the dedication of a new church building in Kherson, Ukraine. The church will soon be particularized, and Sergei Kukushkin will be installed as pastor. This culminates 14 years of faithful work by MTW church planters Melvin and Cindie Pike and their team.

In Melvin Pike’s view, the church building will expand the church’s gospel ministry and solidify its position within a culture that’s often suspicious of evangelicals. The building gives a sense of permanence and legitimacy, says Pike.

When the Pikes leave Ukraine, they will leave behind a growing and giving body. Holy Trinity has 40 to 50 regular attendees who provide for the basic needs of the church. They have a committed pastor, several outreach ministries, and a good relationship with the broader Protestant and Orthodox community.

Currently, Holy Trinity’s ministries are focused on children and youth, including a youth group, Vacation Bible School, and a camp. The church also works with a local orphanage.

During construction, Kukushkin noticed that there would be plenty of space for a small congregation. Today, the new pastor seems certain: “God is going to fill this place with people.”