MNA Launches Second Career Volunteer Ministry

Mission to North America (MNA) has launched its newest ministry, MNA SecondCareer. Headed by director Gary Ogrosky, SecondCareer will connect skilled volunteers  with PCA church plants and ministries that need assistance. MNA volunteers are not only willing to serve, but, having retired or nearly retired from their first careers, they have the flexibility and financial resources to take on a new ministry career full time or part time. What’s more, their years of experience give them skills that many ministries badly need.

“There are 250 church planters at any given time across North America,” Ogrosky said. “They are stretched thin and need help with human resources, tech support, web design, accounting, and community development.”

PCA retirees who have experience in these fields and others can partner with church plants that need help. The time commitments vary from work-from-home projects all the way to jobs that involve relocating to a new community in order to assist.

MNA SecondCareer will also provide volunteers for short-term mission projects and ministries like MNA Disaster Response since many SecondCareer volunteers have project management experience that can transfer to new contexts. Ogrosky said he is also working to develop a particular ministry for SecondCareer people with RV’s since they are set up to travel.

Ogrosky is in his second career, having spent 30 years as an orthodontist before earning his Master of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Fla. He worked as a pastor at Sycamore Presbyterian Church in Midlothian, Va., before joining MNA.

Although MNA SecondCareer is a new ministry, Ogrosky said it has been in the works for a while. The goal is to access a vast pool of underutilized resources.

“By 2050, 21 percent of the population will be 65 and over,” Ogrosky said. “We have resources that we haven’t come close to tapping.”

 For more information on MNA SecondCareer, visit, or contact Gary Ogrosky at


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