Months after wildfires burned some Spicewood homes to ashes, victims are receiving something in addition to clothes, food and a place to sleep. They are getting a secure shed for their salvaged belongings.

Sheds of Hope is an outreach program sponsored by Mission to North America Disaster Response and delivered by volunteers with the Presbyterian Church in America.

The sheds will also be a place for tools and materials needed to rebuild the homes lost in the Labor Day 2011 fires, said Rick Lenz, mission specialist for the south central region, which includes Oklahoma and Texas.

Spicewood resident Sharon Turner lost her greenhouse and storage shed in the fires. Though her house did not burn, many of her neighbors lost their homes, and she has opened her home to many of them.

“Everything is piled up on my front porch,” she said. “Now there’s a place to keep things out of the weather, to have a place for order and organization.”

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