The Ad-Interim Committee on Insider Movements, after three years of work, deliberation, and heated debate at General Assembly, has submitted its final report to the 42nd General Assembly.

The Committee’s initial two-part report had been submitted earlier. Part I, “Like Father, Like Son: Divine Familial Language in Bible Translation,” was presented to the 40th General Assembly, which subsequently recommended it to presbyteries and sessions.

Part II, “Theology, Gospel Missions, and Insider Movements,” was submitted to the 41st Assembly; the Committee moved that it too be recommended to presbyteries, sessions, and missions committees. That presentation, however, triggered a Minority Report, which recommended that an additional statement written by the minority, “Addressing Realities on the Ground,” also be endorsed. By a narrow margin, the Assembly consented.

However, the discussion following this action evolved into a debate regarding the use of the Arabic term Allah (God) by Arabic Christians. Unable to resolve the issue, the Assembly recommitted the report to the Committee, instructing them to return to the 42nd General Assembly with a final report.

That report is here. An overture from Eastern Pennsylvania Presbytery, Overture 14, is calling for the Assembly to receive the majority report and exclude the Minority report.