Staying Tied to Foreign Missions

When a church we respect has discerned a particular calling, our first inclination may be to copy. But that’s not just a shortcut; it may be a short circuit.

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Ascended and Enfleshed

The theological vision and the network of fellowship that Mission Anabaino creates help sustain its members as they slog through the trenches of church planting.

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Remembering Dr. Paul McKaughan—Missionary, Visionary, Faithful Servant of the King

He left blessings in abundance in his wake—a legacy of souls and grand plans and little kindnesses.

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How  Reading Well Shapes our Character

If the winter weather inspires you to curl up with a book, your cozy reading chair can become not just an escape but a classroom. Time spent reading can be time spent learning virtue.

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by Megan Fowler
A Ruling Elder in Action