Islamist persecution is set to rise in 2014 ahead of elections in Nigeria and Afghanistan. Communism remains a potent oppressor of Christians, with North Korea maintaining its reputation as the worst persecutor of Christianity in the world.

“2014 looks set to be a turbulent year for Christians – especially ahead of elections in Nigeria and Afghanistan,” says Colin King, the UK director of Release International, which serves the persecuted Church worldwide.

“Extreme Islam is on the rise, leading to greater persecution and an exodus of Christians from the Middle East. But the heartening news is that this reality is now being acknowledged publicly. It has been recognised in the UK parliament and by Prince Charles.

“2014 is the 25th anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Wall, yet today communist and former communist countries remain active in oppressing Christians. The worst persecutor of Christians in the world today continues to be North Korea.”

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