The 47th General Assembly will include three events aimed at training experienced ruling elders to mentor less experienced men.

The first event, a seminar titled “Mentoring: Principles and Realities” is designed for anyone who’s interested in mentoring in practically any church setting. Teaching Elder Al LaCour, who retired last year as coordinator of RUF International, will lead the seminar.

Prior to leading RUF International, LaCour served as a campus minister, church planter, and senior pastor of four churches. LaCour will demonstrate how an experienced leader impacts the life of a protégé by offering the time and space an emerging leader needs to discover his gifts and calling from God. He will also talk about the difference between mentors, teachers, coaches, sponsors, and spiritual directors. This seminar will meet Wednesday, June 26, at 8:00 a.m., in Room Coronado D of the Hilton Anatole.

At 9:15 a.m., in the same room, Teaching Elder Larry Hoop and Ruling Elder Richard Dolan will lead a seminar called “A Forum on Mentoring Ruling Elders.” Hoop has 42 years of experience as a campus minister and pastor. He currently serves on the staff of the PCA Administrative Committee where his responsibilities include encouraging ruling elder involvement in the life of the denomination. Dolan, clerk of session at Restoration Presbyterian Church and moderator of Georgia Foothills Presbytery, works with Hoop in that initiative. Through a guided discussion, Hoop and Dolan will help participants apply the tenets of “Mentoring: Principles and Realities” to their particular contexts.

The final event will be the fourth annual Ruling Elder Advocate Luncheon. The focus this year will be how to encourage experienced ruling elders to mentor newcomers. The luncheon will be at noon Thursday, June 27, in Coronado D.

If you plan to attend, please email or call 678-825-1000. All ruling elders are invited and encouraged to take part in these events.