(From Philly.com) The Rev. Terry Traylor was said to have the physique of Superman and the heart of God.

With those gifts, Traylor lifted up everyone around him, from southern Texas to his church in Montgomery County.

That was the way family members and friends remembered Traylor at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside on Monday, four days after the church leader died from a massive heart attack.

Traylor, 64, was the senior pastor of New Life Presbyterian Church in Glenside and a leader in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

“Terry’s ministry touched the lives of hundreds, maybe thousands, of people,” Todd Traylor said of his older brother as he spoke to hundreds of mourners in the theater, about 1,000 feet from the church where the pastor preached. “I think we’re all shocked by Terry’s sudden departure.”

Terry Traylor gave his final sermon at New Life on Dec. 8, in which he told parishioners it was “a privilege and honor to be here as your pastor. I’m still your pastor. I love it.”

He had accepted a position as church development director for the PCA’s Mission to North America. That would have positioned him to oversee an outreach ministry to build churches in all regions of the continent.

In September, Traylor took a two-month sabbatical from his New Life duties to prepare for his new job, which would have built on his legacy of building churches and mentoring pastors in Texas, North Carolina, and Florida.

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