Bill Barnett is convinced that God uses the power of the arts to heal hurting hearts. As the founder of Storytellers Creative Arts, Barnett offers individuals a chance to meet the Great Physician through creative arts so that they can experience the healing that only God can provide. 

“The arts unlock the stories of people and open up avenues for healing,” he said. “Because we believe that our stories are connected with God’s story, it brings us closer to God and opens doors for healing.” 

Based near Naples, Florida, Storytellers Creative Arts uses the arts coupled with the Gospel to minister to individuals struggling with addiction, at-risk children, and people coping with physical limitations such as blindness and memory loss. Soon, Barnett hopes to extend his ministry to work with members of the armed services battling post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Barnett hopes to expand the ministry beyond Naples while also developing a permanent creative space where artists can create art, worship, and develop community. In addition to his work in southwest Florida, the ministry has extended to Virginia and Georgia. Ultimately, Barnett’s goal is for artists to experience the healing of the Gospel and in turn use their creative gifts to help others heal.

The organization operates in three main areas: working with underprivileged populations, offering Creative Expression Groups for artists, and hosting community events.

“There is always going to be someone whose heart and life need to be touched, and the arts bring to the table several doors into someone’s heart,” he said.

The goal is to meet people at their point of need and use the arts to introduce them to Christ. Barnett said he hopes to bring a “brushstroke of hope to the last, the least, and the lost.” 

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