The Covenant College chemistry department recently received a Pittsburgh Conference Memorial National College Grant of $10,000. The grant will fund the purchase of workstations, allowing for faster data acquisition and analysis in chemistry lab.

The Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation, makes the award to selected science departments of colleges with fewer than 5,000 full-time students for the purchase of scientific equipment, audiovisual, or other teaching aids, and/or library materials for use in the teaching of science at the undergraduate level.

“We’re excited to see the Lord’s provision for our department,” said Dr. Dan Zuidema, professor of chemistry. “He’s always provided for all of our needs, and it’s exciting to see the grant funded.” Zuidema notes that the workstations will put data processing into the hands of students.

“We want to use technology as a tool to do better and more faithful analysis in the lab,” said Zuidema.