Covenant College Inaugurates Brad Voyles
By byFaith Staff
Brad Voyles Inauguration Covenant College

Brad Voyles with wife Kelli. All photos courtesy of Covenant College.

On March 15, Brad Voyles was officially inaugurated as the seventh president of Covenant College. The inauguration festivities included a celebration concert and faculty lectures in addition to the inauguration ceremony. You can watch the inauguration events on the Covenant College website.

Earlier this year Voyles spoke with byFaith about Covenant College’s unique mission. He said that Covenant College wants to do more than transfer information to students; the college is interested in life transformation.

Brad Voyles inauguration Covenant College
John Truschel, chairman of the Covenant College Board of Trustees, bestows a medallion on Brad Voyles.

“Discipleship is what you bump up against the most,” Voyles said. “Here, you’re bumping up against other believers: the faculty and staff, the chapel program, the community standards, programming that is fun but formative. Students are bumping up against fellow believers and being formed, sometimes unconsciously, by those things. We want what happens here to last, to be durable.”

When asked what excites him most about leading Covenant College, Voyles cited the exceptional faculty members who are not only noted scholars, but men and women deeply committed to the gospel and the Reformed faith.

“I look at who the Lord has assembled on this mountaintop, it’s just an astounding collection of people whom he has called,” he said. “People who are expertly gifted but love the Lord and his church and are energized by what is happening here. There is tremendous potential to unleash here, even compared to other Christian colleges, if we continue to remain true to our mission. We seek to mature our students in three ways: their identity in Christ, biblical frame of reference, and service that is Christ-like.”


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