ByFaith Announces Digital Transition
By byFaith Staff
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Image via Metaleap Creative. 

For over 20 years, byFaith has served as the official news magazine of the Presbyterian Church in America. Published under the oversight of the Administrative Committee, byFaith seeks to inform, encourage, and edify with stories, news, and insights from across the PCA. With those goals in mind, byFaith Editor Richard Doster is announcing an important change to byFaith for the coming year. 

ByFaith will become a digital-only publication starting in 2024. The magazine came into existence prior to smart phones and social media, using print as its primary channel of delivery. As PCA Stated Clerk Bryan Chapell notes, “Our digital analytics have continually trended upward while demand for print plateaued in recent years along with increased prices for printing and shipping. Looking at the data made us realize that our readers want us in their inbox more than their mailbox.” 

Doster adds, “The recently published 50th anniversary edition of byFaith was our most expansive issue ever and will serve as a fitting culmination of our print efforts, but we are not done serving the PCA.” 

Though the magazine will cease its print publication, byFaith will continue to expand its digital-based initiatives. Plans are underway for byFaith to launch new digital features in the coming year as well as to expand into other forms of media beyond written content. Announcements about these new initiatives will be published at appropriate times in the coming year. 

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