Men and women approaching retirement look forward to making the most of the years ahead. A new venture intends to meet all those goals and more: Brow Wood, a master-planned community atop Lookout Mountain.

“Brow Wood isn’t a retirement community,” says Dr. Frank Brock, who led the team that launched this senior-living concept. “We are looking for adults who want to stay busily involved just as long as they can.”

Brock, former Covenant College president — and Brow Wood’s first resident — emphasizes the value of adults staying active. “We don’t just mean physically, but also mentally and spiritually active. And we believe that the best way to do that is by being a part of a community that is intentionally committed to these principles.”

Joel Belz, World magazine founder, and Bob Avis, former Covenant College board chairman, worked with Brock on the team that developed Brow Wood. “We decided to combine the spectacular setting of Lookout Mountain,” Belz says, “with the wealth of amenities both within and without the community that would enhance life and encourage genuine support and care. Proximity to Covenant College is a key part of it.”

Less than a mile away, Covenant’s facilities are open to Brow Wood residents. They can enroll in courses, attend chapel, enjoy concerts, work out in the fitness center, and access the library. Interaction with students may naturally lead to mentoring opportunities, especially as students get involved as volunteers, part-time staff, or interns at Brow Wood’s businesses and facilities.

Brow Wood will offer a variety of housing, from custom homes to predesigned homes and townhomes. Should greater health needs arise, homeowners will have priority access to monthly rental townhomes or the professionally staffed and operated assisted-living center, expected to be completed in 2014. The staff can provide home health care, as well.

Amenities include a pond, walking trails, community garden, and pavilion. The neighborhood plan includes businesses such as a market, bistro, and business center. Residents can easily access local golf clubs, while nearby Chattanooga offers museums, restaurants, parks, a zoo, prestigious golf courses, and many churches.

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Disclaimer: Frank Brock and Joel Belz both serve on the byFaith Oversight Committee.