After 90 minutes of impassioned debate, the 43rd General Assembly, in its final action, voted to refer the Lucas-Duncan “Personal Resolution on Civil Rights Remembrance” to the 44th Assembly.

Many commissioners were frustrated, feeling the need to address the issue at the current Assembly. “The time to confess,” one commissioner said expressing the sentiment of many, “is now.”

The resolution will be discussed and debated at next year’s Assembly in Mobile, Alabama. ByFaith will follow up with a series of articles on the issue in preparation of that discussion.

Following over a half hour of prayer and repentance, TE Jon Price, Pastor of Covenant Community Church of Wexford, PA,  filed a protest concerning actions that can be taken while waiting for the 44th General Assembly to take up the Lucas-Duncan Resolution. Over 200 Commissioners signed the protest. The full text of the protest may be found here.