American ‘Nones’ Open to Wide Range of Denominations
By Ken Walker

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Americans have a surprising openness to Christian churches, even those who are supposedly turned off to religion, a new survey finds.

No matter which denomination is in the name of a church, fewer than half the nonreligious say “it’s not for me.” Their views are more favorable than unfavorable toward a wide range of faiths—Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Assemblies of God, and non-denominational.

These findings, based on a new survey of denominational opinions by LifeWay Research, may come as a surprise to those who’ve seen recent headlines. Growing numbers of people who don’t identify with any church have gathered considerable media attention. But LifeWay Research vice president Scott McConnell says many of these “nones” aren’t as closed to church as many assume.

“Just because someone has no religious preference does not mean they have closed the door to the Christian church or a denomination as being something that can meet needs in their lives,” McConnell says.

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