Dr. Stephen Estock has graciously given Reasoning Together permission to publish his book, A Basic Guide to the PCA General Assembly. Today we conclude this series with his final chapter. To read any of the earlier chapters, click on the appropriate chapter number: 1, 2,  3, 45, 6.  We strongly encourage commissioners (especially first-time commissioners) to purchase their own copy; you may order here (Kindle edition, here). 

And for a list of common PCA acronyms found in these articles, please click here

VII. Other items to know:

  • General Assembly provides many opportunities to get free food. Many organizations and vendors offer breakfasts, lunches, or dinners during the Assembly. Usually commissioners are required to sign up at a booth in the Exhibit Hall, and sometimes a “ticket” is required.
  • The Host Committee works with the PCA Women’s Ministry Coordinator to plan a number of events for women who attend the Assembly as visitors. Often, there is a separate booth at registration to sign up for the events designed for women. The Host Committee also plans activities for children and youth.
  • Many of the Exhibitors have bowls of candy or other “goodies” to draw commissioners to their booth.
  • If you can’t find something to write with, many Exhibitors offer a free pen or pencil in their booth.
  • The PCA Bookstore works with publishers to offer special discounts during the Assembly. Check the Bookstore to find out what the specials are. If you would rather NOT carry books with you on the plane, the PCA Bookstore will ship books to your home, or you can place an online order that will be filled the week after the Assembly. Check with the Bookstore for details.