Dr. Stephen Estock has graciously given Reasoning Together permission to publish his book, A Basic Guide to the PCA General Assembly. To date, we have published Chapters 1, 2, and 3; today we add Chapter 4.We strongly encourage commissioners (especially  first-time commissioners) to purchase their own copy; you may order here (Kindle edition, here). 

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IV. The General Assembly Committees of Commissioners (RAO 14)

The Committees of Commissioners (CoC) are temporary committees comprised of registered commissioners to the General Assembly who are elected to serve during the Assembly. Prior to the Assembly, each presbytery elects one of its commissioners to each of the 11 committees of commissioners (one for each of the ten PCA committees and agencies, and one for the Interchurch Relations Committee). Presbyteries elect representatives according to a formula established by the PCA Stated Clerk in order to maintain (as much as possible) a balance of teaching and ruling elders on each CoC.

Each CoC reviews the minutes and recommendations of the committee or agency, as well as any business referred to it by the PCA Stated Clerk (e.g., an Overture that touches on the work of the committee/agency). Each CoC hears a report from the chairman of the committee, the coordinator, and any appropriate staff members. After these reports, the CoC prepares its report for the Assembly. All recommendations considered by the General Assembly must be brought to the floor by a committee of commissioners.

These committees meet and do most of their work prior to the opening session of the Assembly. The Assembly sometimes refers business back to one of the committees of commissioners, which requires that the members reconvene in order to respond to the Assembly’s request/action.

The Overtures Committee is a special committee of commissioners (RAO 15). For this committee, each Presbytery elects a teaching and a ruling elder (i.e., two representatives). This temporary committee considers and makes recommendations upon all overtures proposing constitutional amendment, as well as other overtures and business referred to it by the PCA Stated Clerk.