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The Bible’s Overarching Story: Our Conversation with Kathleen Nielson – Part 5

The Bible reveals this movement through human history that has this overall narrative shape to which we often refer as “creation-fall-redemption-consummation.”

The Bible as a Literary Work: Our Conversation with Kathleen Nielson – Part 4

Scripture’s truth comes to us both in propositional statements and in other ways as well—literary ways.

The Clarity of God’s Word: Our Conversation with Kathleen Nielson – Part 3

The God who gave us these words actually means for us to take them in clearly and profitably.

The Power of the Gospel: Our Conversation with Kathleen Nielson – Part 2

The Bible is not given just to make us feel better and live better; it is given to bring life.

Getting Serious About Bible Study: Our Conversation with Kathleen Nielson

Women especially are tired of “frothy” materials.


Praying for Adult Children

Grown Children Are an Important Group to Hold in Our Minds and Prayers

In talking with fellow believers about praying for our children, I’ve noticed that some of the most urgent, energetic responses come from parents of adult children.

Witness to the Power of God’s Word

The ministry we witnessed and briefly shared in Nairobi, Kenya was strong and Word-centered. The Word is primary, because through the Word, by the power of the Spirit, comes the gospel – all the good news of cleansing which the inhabitants of Kibera so desperately need.

Children’s Literature and God’s Creative Nature

Books come alive when children can read, understand, and interpret the stories and informational books they encounter.

women's ministry

Three Favorite Books on Women’s Ministry

CDM has created a wealth of resources to assist local leaders create, build, and sustain healthy women’s ministry.

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