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Lord of Our Wealth and the Workweek

IFWE: A biblical advocacy thinktank

PCA elder Hugh Whelchel wants to build a body of scholarly research on a biblical understanding of work and economics.


Our Work and the Flourishing of God’s Creation

We must understand how, through our work, we can steward all God has given us.

The purpose of our work is to reweave shalom.

The Biblical Meaning of Success

Working Diligently for the Master's Glory

Two great lies have been promoted in our culture during the past 20 years. They are told to children in school, students in college, and workers throughout the business world.

The Centrality of Everyday Work

By perpetuating a secular/sacred divide that elevates the “spiritual” work of Sunday over the “secular” work of the rest of the week, the church has, on occasion, reinforced a view that God doesn’t care about our work. At the same time, a movement within the church is spotlighting the centrality of work and promoting a Gospel-centered view of work as integral to our Christian faith.

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