For the last 10 years, the PCA’s Christian Education and Publications (CEP) Committee and Mission to North America (MNA) have called churches to 50 Days of Prayer for the denomination’s General Assembly. The “50 Days of Prayer Devotional” is part of this effort and always centers on the theme of the upcoming General Assembly, which this year is “Generations in Community.” Written and compiled once again by Mike Ross, pastor of Christ Community Church in Matthews, N.C., the devotions start May 3rd, the National Day of Prayer and go through June 21. Hard copies of the booklet are available from CE&P’s bookstore through March 30th. A link to an online version will be available through MNA’s website a few weeks prior to the National Day of Prayer.

The 2012 PCA General Assembly in Louisville, Ky. will be the PCA’s 40th Assembly. In biblical terms, 40 years is considered a generation. Which is why Ross and Dave Dively, chairman of the Louisville host committee, came up with the “Generations in Community” theme. “We are at a critical juncture of both our culture and our church,” explains Ross. “An emerging generation of younger people seems to be in friction with both their parents and grandparents. I wanted us to see that all three generations of the PCA – founding fathers, sons, and the rising generation – bring something good (and something not so good) to our church’s DNA. We need each other for balance and depth.”

The “50 Days of Prayer Devotional” brings together over 45 different testimonies from PCA ministers and laypeople ranging in age from 4 to 91. In addition to a unique testimonial, each day’s devotion also includes prayer requests from the 10 PCA agencies and committees. The devotions are intended to encourage people in the gospel and join them in prayer for the denomination, whether in personal study or group settings.

“All I have learned about God and man, sin and salvation, love and hope, life and eternity, I have learned in church,” says Ross. “I hope others who read these devotions will grow to love this Bride of Christ as much as I do.”

Devotional booklets are $7.60 each. For ordering information and quantity discounts call CE&P at 1-800-283-1357 or visit