The Ad Interim Committee on Women Serving in the Ministry of the Church released its final report on Thursday, April 20, 2017.

“What we’re trying to do with the report and our work is encourage a gracious and robust complementary practice,” says Committee Chairman Irwyn Ince. “It certainly does exist, but we want to encourage [the PCA] to continue moving in that direction.”

The 44th General Assembly directed the committee to consider three issues:

The biblical basis, theology, history, nature, and authority of ordination.
The biblical nature and function of the office of deacon.
Clarification on the ordination or commissioning of deacons / deaconesses.

Should the findings of the study committee warrant changes to the Book of Church Order, the study committee was also charged with proposing such changes for the Assembly to consider.

Committee member Mary Beth McGreevy hopes the report will help church leaders gain a new appreciation for Scripture’s pattern of complementarianism.

“My hope is that the readers of the committee’s report will gain new appreciation for that pattern,” McGreevy said, “that they will help the women of their churches use their gifts and abilities within the prohibitions of Scripture but not falling short of them; and will help them, through their encouragement and intentional support, live fully in their distinctive roles for the well-being of the church.”

The report is available for viewing and downloading here.

2 Responses to Study Committee on Women in Ministry Releases Report

  1. Jan Dunnick says:

    I heartily agree. There are many women in the pew who have much to offer in promoting the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ in our local churches and in our world. I appreciate the comment “within the prohibitions of scripture.” I do not now nor ever will be a part of a church which has a woman pastor. The Apostle Paul, to whom we go for church doctrine, made it perfectly clear that women do not belong in the pulpit.

  2. Judy Notestine says:

    I have not yet absorbed all this, but have some initial comments. In chapter 5, item 6, it states: BCO 9-7 says: “It is often expedient that the Session of a church should select and 25 appoint godly men and women of the congregation to assist the deacons. . .” Thus, for the well-being of the church, 29 the committee recommends that sessions and presbyteries select and appoint godly 30 women of the congregation to assist the ordained leadership; these godly, unordained 31 women have often historically been referred to as deaconesses.
    Thus they are to be called deaconesses? Why? What would unordained men be called? Would they, then, be in line to be ordained? I see resentment in the future. Check the LCMS experience.