The Standing Judicial Commission has answered Overtures 2013- 20, 21, and 22 in the negative. The identical overtures — submitted to the 41st General Assembly by Gulf Coast Presbytery, Calvary Presbytery, and Mississippi Valley Presbytery — requested the General Assembly  to assume original jurisdiction over teaching elder Peter Leithart.

Leithart had been tried by Pacific Northwest Presbytery for allegations of unorthodox views, but was not convicted. A complaint was then filed against the presbytery’s actions. That complaint — Hedman v. Pacific Northwest Presbytery — was carried forward to the SJC.

According to the Rules of Assembly Operation 17-2, any overtures submitted that request the General Assembly to assume original jurisdiction over a minister under BCO 34-1 “shall be assigned to the Standing Judicial Commission for adjudication.”

The SJC met on Oct. 17, 18, and Nov. 4 to consider their reply to the overtures. The commission’s actions will be reported to the 42nd General Assembly.

To read the SJC’s Answer to the Overtures, please click here.


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