In 1992, Dr. Robert L. Reymond was found sleeping through Hurricane Andrew. His wife urged him awake, “Wake up Bob, you just slept through the worst natural disaster in American history.” To which the man replied, “A good conscience allows for good sleep anytime, anywhere.”

On Friday, September 20, Reymond, 80, fell asleep; this time awaking into glory.

An ordained minister in both the PCA and Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Reymond spent his career teaching, preaching, and writing — inspiring others to love Scripture. He served in pastoral roles at several churches across Missouri, Illinois, and Florida, including Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church (both in Ft. Lauderdale). As well, for 25 years, he taught on the faculties of Covenant Theological Seminary and Knox Theological Seminary, an institution he helped found. During this time, he served on the PCA’s Theological Examining Committee and authored more than 10 books, including New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith (1998). He was working on five new manuscripts before he died.

“He faithfully declared the Bible to be a ‘Word from another world,’ ” said Dr. Michael Milton founder and President of Faith for Living, Inc. and mentee of Dr. Reymond. “He regularly evangelized ‘publicly and from house to house.’ [He] should be recalled as a great preacher of the Word, a compassionate pastor, an unfailing evangelist, and a constant friend.” (Read Milton’s full tribute here)

Reymond is survived by his wife Shirley, three children, and seven grandchildren.

His funeral will be held on Thursday, September 26, at 11 a.m. at Redeemer PCA (Overland Park, KS).

9333 W 159th Street, Overland Park, KS 66221

Visitation at 10:00 a.m.

Cards may be sent to:
Shirley Reymond
c/o Bob Reymond
10721 W 118th Terrace
Overland Park, KS 66210


10 Responses to Robert Reymond: Awake to Glory

  1. Andrew Wilson says:

    Sorry to hear of the passing of Robert L Reymond. I have greatly enjoyed some of his writing over the past 10-15 years, including “John, the Beloved Disciple”, “The God-Centred Preacher” and, of course, his magnum-opus, “A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith”. I pray his family will know the peace and comfort of the Lord at this time.

  2. Mark Duncan says:

    Dr. Reymond was my favorite professor in seminary. He was a master theologian who also cared greatly for the welfare of his students. His love for Jesus permeated everything he did. Truly, a great man of God. His passing is a loss to the Church but great gain for him.

    • Peter Herz says:

      I also remember Dr. Reymond as an upstanding teacher. I owe a lifelong love of systematic theology to him; especially as I recall his wonderful combination of insightful doctrinal exposition with a heartfelt devotion to Christ.

  3. Mark Rowden says:

    I have lost a great good friend for awhile. The world has lost one of the great systematic theologians of ours or any time.

  4. Beryl Hubbard says:

    I was an undergraduate with Methodist heritage attending Bob Jones University (BJU) when Bob Reymond was a graduate student at the same university. It was through Bob and the many discussions/debates that many of us had with him that brought us downtown to Greenville, SC on Sunday evenings to hear Dr. Tom Cross preach at Augusta Street Presbyterian Church. Bob Reymond was instrumental in planting “Reformed” seeds in many lives at Bob Jones University, many of whom, including myself would find themselves in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church that gave birth to the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod and finally the Presbyterian Church in America. I thank the Lord for this His treasure to His church.

  5. Tom Stein says:

    What a man. For all of his theological knowledge, I will never forget him telling us at Covenant Seminary, with tears in his eyes, “Make much of the blood.”

  6. Cathryn flowers Ritchie says:

    I came to know and love systematic theology under Robert Reymonds classes at Covenant Seminary. We need many more committed to reformed scholarship. Honestly, though, as one of the few female students, his roaring was a bit intimidating at times. But never overall off putting. Thankful he is in Glory. My prayers are with Shirley and family.

  7. Dennis Bennett says:

    I owe my Reformed theology to Bob. He was patient with me as I argued with him using the typical naïve arguments. His course on the Doctrine of God helped shape and change my live more than any other. I am better off having known Bob.

  8. Jason Jesuroga says:

    I never studied under Bob but was definitely impacted by his writings. His theology is second to none and his devotion to the text is inspiring. May God raise up more Robert Raymond’s. Israel has lost one of its great masters.

  9. Eugene Kimble Ph.D. says:

    Bob Reymond was in Graduate School with me at Bob Jones University. He graduated before I did. Bob stayed to teach. I took one class under him, & read his thesis “Biblical Covenants.”
    Bob and several others, also, approved my thesis, “Prayer in the Old Testament”
    Since then I have read several of his books with deep appreciation.
    Glory to God.
    Eugene Kimble Ph. D.