Chewning was first elected a ruling elder in the Stony Point Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCES) in Richmond, Va., which is now a part of the PCA. He was elected to the Board of Covenant College in 1973 and served as Chairman for many years. Not only did Chewning serve as Moderator of the 13th GA of the PCA (1985), he was elected twice to serve as Moderator of the RPCES.

Dr. Richard C. Chewning, 81, Moderator of the 13th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), passed away on Tuesday, February 17, 2015, in Fayetteville, Ark. He was a member and ruling elder of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Fayetteville.

Chewning was first elected a ruling elder in the Stony Point Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCES) in Richmond, Va., which is now a part of the PCA. He was elected to the Board of Covenant College in 1973 and served as Chairman for many years. Not only did Chewning serve as Moderator of the 13th GA of the PCA (1985), he was elected twice to serve as Moderator of the RPCES.

Chewning graduated from Virginia Tech, the University of Virginia, and the University of Washington. He did post doctoral studies at St. Andrews University in Scotland. He taught at the University of Richmond for 25 years. He then held the “Harry and Hazel Chavanne Chair of Christian Ethics in Business” at Baylor University for 15 years.

Chewning wrote the following to be included in his obituary:

Dick’s academic passion was reading God’s Word and seeking to discern how it spoke to God’s children who had been called to the field of “business.” In doing this he had over one hundred articles, essays, and reviews published, along with writing and editing seven books. The writing he most cherished is at this time being edited for publication, “Becoming…partakers of the divine nature.” 2 Peter 1:4. The majority of his writing was done with members of the “Christian Business Faculty Association” in mind. He wanted Christian business faculty to understand as thoroughly as possible, Christ’s mind as His revelation addresses the moral challenges that confront all who are called to work in business.”

Next to his wife Shirley, though, Dick’s greatest love was for the Triune God who revealed Himself most clearly through the incarnation, life, death, and resurrection of His son, the Messiah, Jesus Christ, and the sending of His Spirit to dwell with those given to the Father’s only begotten Son. To this end Dick considered it a high calling to serve as an Elder in Christ’s church and to be granted the privilege of teaching Sunday School for many years. He wanted everyone to know that God the Creator is a Savior offering grace and mercy to His adopted children.

He authored a number of books including, Business Ethics In A Changing Culture; Biblical Principles and Economics: The Foundations (Christians in the Marketplace Series); and Business Through the Eyes of Faith.

Chewning is survived his wife of 59 years, Shirley Clarke Chewning; three children, Karen C. Schoch (Tim) of Glenside, Penn.; Jeff (Susan) of Springdale, Ark., and David of Waco, Texas; seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

A memorial Service will be held on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 at 10:00 a.m., at Covenant PCA in Fayetteville.

Story originally posted by Paul Sagan, Chewning’s pastor at the Covenant PCA in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

10 Responses to Richard C. Chewning, Past PCA Moderator, Called Home to Glory

  1. Carolyn Gile says:

    Dr. Chewning, as an elder and teacher, was always gentle and encouraging. He spoke the truth in love. He was very influential in my early, growing years as a believer. He and Shirley together lived out their life in love for all in the church at Stony Point.

  2. Julie Saunders says:

    So sad to hear of Dick Chewning’s death, yet praising God that Dick is in Heaven with his beloved Lord and Savior. It was a blessing and privilege to have sat under Dick’s teaching when he was a Teaching Elder at Stony Point PCA in Richmond, Va. His lovely family extended great kindness towards me as a “new” Christian in Richmond. His beautiful, smart daughter, Karen, was a housemate when a few of us were “single” Christians in Richmond in the late 1970’s, early 1980’s. My heart is with Dick’s dear family.

  3. Al LaCour says:

    Dick was a friend, mentor, faculty advisor to my first campus ministry in Richmond, respected Bible teacher and elder, and – so personally important – he led my wife to faith in Christ when she was his and Shirley’s neighbor and 25 year old widow. Rest in peace Dick, and rejoice in the presence of our Savior!

  4. Pete Able says:

    Very sad to hear of Dr. Chewning’s passing. He was a favorite professor of mine at Baylor. I remember fondly him standing on one leg and pointing the proper direction for tough ethical decisions in business. The “bird dog.” I still have his book Through the Eyes of Faith on my shelf. His teaching was very influential when I entered the consulting world. Blessings to his family.

  5. Bob and Sylvia Littlepage says:

    Dick was a gifted Sunday School teacher the likes we have yet to know since. We sat under his God inspired teaching in the 70s at Stony Point Reformed Presbyterian Church (now PCA) He and Shirley were beloved mentors and friends. What a privilege it was to grow closer to Jesus because Dick faithfully pointed us to Him. Our love to Shirley and his children and grandchildren.

  6. Harry Pinner says:

    I had the privilege to serve as an administrator at Covenant College during some of Dr. Chewning’s time as Chairman and Board member. Both his leadership and wisdom were gifts of God used to further His work at the College. I learned much from him and while he will be missed, the results of his efforts for the Kingdom will remain. I rejoice that he is now in the presence of our Savior.

  7. Robert McPherson says:

    I remember Dick with great fondness. When we were starting a congregation in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada back in the early 80s, he volunteered his time to help us put together an all-day Saturday seminar on business ethics. If provided us an opportunity to reach out to our community in a significant way and brought credibility to our non-Canadian denomination. His transparency, his credibility, and his academic erudition was a testimony to University of Waterloo students, staff and faculty who attended, not to mention business persons and others from the twin city area. His sermon the following Sunday was icing on the cake. He will be remembered with great fondness.

    Rob McPherson

  8. Sergio Espinosa says:

    Dr Chewning was a special man that had a knack for making you ponder ethics not only in business but life. I learned a lot from him and his ethics class while at Baylor. He lived his faith and provided an example for us to follow. Well done Dr C! Glad you are finally home.

  9. Thomas Reuschling says:

    Dick was a trusted friend and colleague at the University of Richmond. He was a great professor and role model. He always put his colleagues and students ahead of his personal interests. His deep faith was quietly apparent in all he did.

    My condolences to Shirley and family on their loss.

    Tom Reuschling

  10. Patrick Phillips says:

    I had the privilege of having Dr. Chewning serve as the advisor to University of Richmond’s IVCF chapter. Some of my fondest college memories were pizza making and sundae making parties at his and Shirley’s home with other IV students. I will always remember his deep, slow voice as he spoke at IV Large Group meetings and at IV conferences. Long after he departed Richmond, we spoke several times by phone about the possibility of his coming to Columbus, OH to speak. Unfortunately, his teaching schedule prevented it. I look forward to reading his book currently being edited. Dick had a great mind, a love for others, a love for his family, but most importantly, a love for our God.