How should the Church, and the PCA in particular, engage the culture? This, in the broadest sense, is the subject that Tim Keller and Ligon Duncan III will tackle Thursday night of General Assembly.

The two respected pastors, thought by many to represent different branches within the denomination, will dig into several provocative issues, including:

What are the challenges of our cultural moment? Where is the culture going, and what will it look like in 25 years? Is evangelical influence in decline? Should we address culture at all? And if so, what are we trying to accomplish? Should we “contextualize;” or is that a denial of the “ordinary means of grace”? What are the opportunities for the PCA to advance the gospel in our time and situation?

There seems to be disunity and disagreement within the PCA, particularly over the issue of culture and how to address it. Keller and Duncan will discuss how we can work together despite our differences.

4 Responses to Keller–Duncan Seminar: Working Together to Address Our Cultural Moment

  1. Rob Baitz says:

    Christians need to engage the culture, standup against evil and point it out. We should not back down!

  2. Phillip Shroyer says:

    “Addressing the culture”, though an interesting phrase, lags behind scripture, “go and make”.
    Confronting a dying culture with the true gospel, directed by the Spirit of Christ, returns not empty.

  3. Deanne Hunt says:

    Wow! Wish I could be there to hear these 2 brothers express themselves out of their love for the Lord and His people, as well as their gifts and graces!

  4. Kim Batteau says:

    I´m looking forward to hear what these brothers have to say (as a fraternal delegate from the Reformed Churches in The Netherlands (Liberated)).