According to Tim Keller, there are four subjects that warrant the PCA’s attention. They’re not the only important matters before us, Keller says, but these “research questions” are worthy of the denomination’s time and study. And they’re key to our continued health.

8 Responses to Four Questions Worth Exploring

  1. Mike Ross says:

    I could not agree more. As usual, Tim has placed his wise finger on the center of modetnity’s Intrusion into our ancient faith and the neede for us to thoughtfully respond. Thanks, Tim. I hope the assembly is listening!

  2. Stephen Leonard says:

    Excellent. Very much right on target! TU!

  3. Excellent challenge for us to take up individually and corporately. Thanks Tim.

  4. David Kelly says:

    Yes we need to address these questions as the Church for sure, thanks for phrasing them and reflecting on them.

  5. Doug Waterman says:

    Excellent set of questions which drive us towards relevance and survival in our post modern secular environment. As Donald noted, they apply both individually and corporately and, I might add, catholically.
    “For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now” (Ro 8:22 ESV)

  6. Tom Nash says:

    Keller is spot on. The four questions are for the church as a whole, not just the PCA.

  7. Tom DiNardo says:

    Tim Keller is at the top of my most respected list. As someone new to PCA (former PCUSA… where evangelism is mostly ignored), or maybe I missed it. But what are the 2 or 3 questions that Christian dread or fear of being asked when evangelizing?

    Pretty sure the wrong answer to each is likely to be “because the Bible says so” (even when it does!)

  8. James A. Thomson says:

    Thank you to Tim Keller. Prayer, mortification, evangelism, children. Nothing is more important. Dr. Keller mentioned Owen on Mortification. The BT volume is intimidating, but worth every hour spent in it. Thank you for reminding me to set my affections on these four.

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