The 28th annual Women in the Church Leadership Training Conference will take place Feb. 21-23, 2013, in Atlanta. The conference, hosted by Christian Education and Publications (CEP), offers attendees a chance to connect with each other while taking a step back to consider women’s ministry from a kingdom perspective.

Jane Patete, women’s ministry coordinator for CEP, said the long-standing purpose of the conference is “to train and equip women for kingdom ministry.” This big-picture approach offers women a holistic view of the church and helps them better understand the connectedness of the PCA and its committees and ministries.

Bible study leaders, local church and presbytery WIC leaders, directors of women’s ministries, and PCA staff women will benefit from the conference’s solid biblical teaching and emphasis on compassion in ministry. Attendees will learn from PCA women who utilize teaching skills that participants can transfer to their specific ministries.

Participants will also learn “a covenantal approach to ministry that transforms discipleship into a kingdom model of equipping God’s people to glorify Him in all of life,” Patete said.

Attendees increasingly represent a diverse cross section of the PCA and the larger church, including young first-time attendees, women from inner-city churches, seminary students, missionaries, and participants from outside the PCA. Participants will have the chance to network with other attendees and participate in affinity groups composed of other women in their same leadership roles.

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