The 46th General Assembly proposed seven amendments to the Book of Church Order (BCO). To date, 19 presbyteries have reported their votes. 

  • Two changes were proposed to BCO 8. A change to BCO 8-1, describing the qualifications of elder, would replace the word grave with “spiritually fruitful, dignified.” All 19 presbyteries voted in favor. 
  • The second change would add “demonstrate hospitality” to elders’ responsibilities in BCO 8-3. Seventeen of the 19 presbyteries voted in the affirmative. 
  • A third proposal would change BCO 25-11 to require 30 days’ notice before a congregational meeting to vote on withdrawal from the PCA. Fifteen of 19 presbyteries have approved the idea. 
  • Proposal four would revise BCO 30 to clarify the difference between suspension from sacraments and suspension from office. Eighteen presbyteries voted in the affirmative. 
  • The fifth change seeks to amend BCO 32-19 to allow defendants in a church judicial case greater latitude in obtaining counsel. Thirteen of 19 presbyteries agree with the change. 
  • Item six modifies BCO 35-11 to close a loophole that could allow the disqualification of a court to judge a case it has instituted. Sixteen of the 19 presbyteries approved. 
  • The final change would amend BCO 59-3, part of the Directory for Worship, and grant it constitutional status. Eighteen presbyteries voted in favor. 

Amendments approved by two-thirds of the presbyteries (58 of 87) will go to the 47th General Assembly for ratification.