Dan Carrell, moderator of the 39th General Assembly, has named a study committee that will report to the 40th General Assembly on the issue of Insider Movements. The General Assembly authorized Carrell to appoint the study committee as part of its approval of Overture 9.

The seven-member committee includes four teaching elders and three ruling elders, including seminary professors, pastors, and missionaries. The teaching elders are Rev. Wade Bradshaw of Blue Ridge Presbytery, Dr. David Garner of Philadelphia Metro West Presbytery, Dr. Nabeel Jabbour of Rocky Mountain Presbytery and Rev. William Nikides of Rocky Mountain Presbytery. The selected ruling elders are Dr. Robert Berman of Tennessee Valley Presbytery, Dr. Jonathan Mitchell of Eastern Carolina Presbytery and Thomas Seelinger of Philadelphia Presbytery.

As outlined in Overture 9, the committee’s work will include summarizing and assessing the theology and practices of Insider Movements, examining the theological impact of using Bible translations that remove familial language in reference to the Trinity, offering a biblical response to such interpretations, assessing the influence of Insider Movements among mission agencies including PCA missions partners, recommending resources for training congregations and explaining the relevance and importance of the issue to the denomination.

In an email announcing the formation of the committee, Carrell said Bradshaw had offered to convene the committee and would contact committee members for available dates and times to meet via telephone conference. Carrell hoped they could hold their first meeting by the end of October to choose a chairman and secretary and discuss how to best proceed.