IRAQ (ANS) According to a posting on the Operation Mobilization (OM) website by disaster response specialist Dakota Daemyn (not his real name), a weary Pastor Rashad (not his real name), talked to the OM team in his office in northern Iraq.

Daemyn said inside the office, a quiet air conditioner made the room much more comfortable than the corridor outside, where several people hung out. Guests of the church filled the rooms and floors night after night.

Daemyn said, “They are guests because they no longer have a place to call home, having been chased from their cities and their villages by the Islamic fundamentalists of Islamic State, or ISIS.”

“We try to prioritize the most needy,” Rashad explained. “But how do we turn people away? How can we do that?”

Daemyn said he asked Rashad about the challenges he is facing, wanting to know more so that people can be informed and stand with him in prayer.

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