Some Mississippi State University students have witnessed first-hand subjects learned about in history class through their mission work at the Yakama Native American Reservation in Washington.

According to Sacred Road Ministries, since 1855, the year the American government established the reservation, the Yakama people’s culture and standard of life has been crumbling.

Sacred Road Ministries’ mission in the town of White Swan, Wash., is to establish a dynamic, healthy church in the remote town.

MSU students have been members of the determined team to help achieve their mission.

Lauren Sensing, sophomore graphic design major, said she has been to the reservation six times on one-week teams and spent the summer of 2011 as an intern.

“Our youth director (at Highlands Presbyterian Church in Ridgeland) found Sacred Road randomly on the Internet,” she said. “When we showed up on the reservation, we instantly fell in love with the reservation and have gone back every year since.”

Sensing is not the only student who has made working at Yakama a common fixture in their lives.

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