In June 2018 Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) revamped its Campus Staff position to create long-term ministry opportunities for women. Women can now serve full-time with RUF for three to five years (or longer) and receive training, continuing education, and shepherding in their roles. Campus staff work under the direction of the RUF campus ministers.

Casey Cockrum, former RUF intern, campus staff and intern counselor, now serves as the director of campus staff. Cockrum shepherds the campus staff, develops the program, recruits campus staff, and assists with the annual staff assessment.

RUF was established in 1971 at the University of Southern Mississippi. By 1999, the ministry had expanded to 50 campuses. Today, RUF can be found on some 140 campuses.

In the past many women served RUF as interns, but RUF had no system for developing women who felt called to full-time ministry. A few women chose to stay on with RUF, but most went on to serve the Lord in other ways. 

Campus staff lead Bible studies, disciple students, and assist the campus minister in discipling interns. Cockrum hopes that campus staff will develop their shepherding skills while college students will benefit from the wisdom of more mature women. 

When the program launched, 32 women were trained and ready to serve. “Our goal is to be a place for women to serve in the PCA,” Cockrum said. “We believe women need to be on the college campus, ministering under the direction of the campus ministers.”