Skeptics have always been welcome at Redeemer Presbyterian Church (New York City). And again, this spring, believers and seekers alike are invited to bring their doubts to a seven-week series with Tim Keller called “Questioning Christianity” that will be available via livestream running March 7 – April 18. 

Keller will explore the claims of Christianity and delve into some of the most common questions that he has heard over the years, including: 

  • Can you believe in something you can’t prove? 
  • Does life have meaning beyond what I make of it?
  • Does God care about my happiness?
  • What can humans do in the face of all of the injustice in the world?
  • Can hope exist in the face of death and all the evil in the world?

Each week’s theme will be introduced by a different artist, followed by a 30-minute talk from Keller and 30 minutes of Q&A. The series is intended for someone to view with a friend who is open to exploring the Christian faith. Register for the livestream at Gospel in Life. The cost for one person is $35, $75 for a small group, and $150 for a church.

After attending the series, one participant said, “I realized that I had been going through a lot of my life with a very rational attitude that I wasn’t going to extend my hand and believe until something had been handed to me … and I thought, ‘Whatever God is, I need to reach out my hand.’ ”

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