Over the past month, presbyteries have begun voting on a motion to revise “Book of Church Order” (BCO) 58-5. The motion, incorporated into Overture 30 and passed by the 40th General Assembly, would prohibit the practice of intinction (dipping bread into a common cup instead of receiving the bread and cup separately).

Because the overture involves a revision to the BCO, two-thirds of the PCA’s 80 presbyteries must approve the amendment.

On August 25, Ohio Presbytery voted against the motion (thereby voting to allow intinction) by a 14-11 margin.

“Some men voted against the amendment as they see it as a matter of Christian liberty, even if they don’t want to practice it in their churches,” said stated clerk Peter Miller. “Others voted for the amendment as they see it as a direct commandment from the Lord on how to administer the sacrament.”

On September 11, Grace Presbytery voted in favor of the motion (to ban intinction) by a vote of 32 to 4, with 3 abstentions.

On Thursday, September 18, Metro Atlanta Presbytery voted 56-8 against the motion (to allow intinction), with 2 abstentions.

The majority of the presbytery concluded that the practice is not a violation of Scripture or a “novelty” in church history, but rather something that Bible believing churches have been practicing for centuries.

Several more presbyteries are slated to vote in coming weeks. Those results will be reported as vote counts are confirmed.