PCA Pastors Spearhead Statement on Political Violence
By Larry Hoop

Photo by ev on Unsplash

Recently two PCA pastors, Scott Seaton in Arlington, Virginia, and Chris Hutchinson of Blacksburg, Virginia, shared with each other their alarm at the increase in political violence and intimidation they had observed around them — some of it done in the name of Jesus. They concluded it was time for the Church to speak. 

The two did some initial work on a statement calling for members of the church and all citizens to express their political convictions peacefully. Then they sought input from others to refine their thinking. 

Hutchinson, a combat veteran, encouraged the involvement of military veterans, many of whom have reflected on the proper and improper use of force. Ultimately, they enlisted a broad spectrum of teaching and ruling elders to join them in producing the statement, which they proposed as an Overture to the PCA General Assembly (GA), presented in January to Seaton’s Potomac Presbytery.

Once the Overture was presented to Potomac, the presbytery’s Mission to North America (MNA) Committee sponsored two forums for members of the presbytery to consider the wording and propose refinements. The final document was unanimously recommended by Potomac’s MNA Committee and approved by the presbytery by a large majority.

In its final version, the overture, found here, calls on the GA to approve four resolutions:

  • To remind the PCA that our highest allegiance is to Jesus Christ
  • To condemn political violence, especially that which is done in the name of Jesus
  • To pray for peace in our country during the General Assembly
  • To encourage the PCA to pursue peace in the public square

Read about other Overtures coming before the 49th GA here.

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