After extended debate, the 44th General Assembly erected an ad interim committee to study the role of women in ministry in the PCA. Overture 3 from Westminster Presbytery calls for the 45th General Assembly to reverse that action. Specifically, it calls for the Assembly to declare that the 44th Assembly erred in forming it, not to receive any report from it, and to dismiss the committee with apology.

The Overture reiterates many of the arguments advanced at the last Assembly against forming the committee: that the proposal to form it came before the Assembly in an improper manner (originating with the Cooperative Ministries Committee); that the proposal anticipated the adoption of changes in the BCO; and that women were placed on the committee, potentially exercising authority over the men on the committee and the members and churches of the denomination. In addition, the Overture argues that the creation of the committee is disturbing the peace of the church and causing “considerable unrest” in Westminster Presbytery.

In accordance with the provisions of RAO 11-5, Overture 3 has been referred to the Ad Interim Committee on the Role of Women.