Keller and DeYoung Discuss Report on Human Sexuality
By byFaith Staff
Human Sexuality

At this year’s General Assembly the Ad Interim Committee on Human Sexuality presented its report with no specific recommendations. As a key part of the report, the committee included this video presentation of Tim Keller and Kevin DeYoung discussing their experience serving together on the committee.  

The report was prepared for the 48th General Assembly, originally scheduled for June 2020.  As a consequence of the postponing of that Assembly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the report was officially presented to the General Assembly in June, 2021. The members of the committee were commissioned to engage in this study due to pressing needs in our church and society.

We were blessed by the wisdom of PCA Moderator Howie Donahoe to appoint men who were perceived to have diverse views commit to Biblical humility, integrity, and charity in their work on this project. Our prayer is that the Scriptural solidarity and relational unity we experienced as a committee will be reflected in what we have written and may also prove helpful for the unity, witness, and mission of the church and her people.

TE Dr. Bryan Chapell             Northern Illinois Presbytery (Chair)

TE Dr. Kevin DeYoung          Central Carolina Presbytery                            

TE Dr. Tim Keller                  Metropolitan New York Presbytery                  

TE Dr. Jim Weidenaar            Pittsburgh Presbytery

RE Dr. Derek Halvorson        Tennessee Valley Presbytery

RE Kyle Keating                    Missouri Presbytery

RE Jim Pocta                          North Texas Presbytery

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