Marriage in America is in trouble. Now this isn’t the first time you’ve heard Eric and me say this on BreakPoint, but new data from Pew Research shows that barely half of adults in the U.S. are married. That’s an all-time low. And if this trend continues, singles will soon make up the majority of the adult U.S. population.

What’s more, the median age of first marriage for both men and women is higher than ever before. In other words, by the time the shrinking cohort who do decide to become brides and grooms reach the altar, they’re already flirting with 30.

All of this coincides with record numbers of out-of-wedlock births, prompting the obvious question—what kind of relationships are couples choosing instead of marriage? Well for the most part, says Pew, it’s cohabitation and single-parent homes. Marriage is no longer the default family unit. It’s one of many options, and according to Pew, millennials are phasing out matrimony at an accelerated rate.

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