Several of the more than 80 amicus curiae briefs filed for the Hobby Lobby case, Kathleen Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby, included references to the work of New York City megachurch pastor Tim Keller.

Keller, the founding and lead pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian, authored Every Good Endeavor with Katherine Leary Alsdorf, the founder of the Center for Faith & Work, in 2012.

The book was cited in friend of the court briefs in favor of Hobby Lobby by the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities and a joint briefing from the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, the Coalition of African American Pastors, the Manhattan Declaration, InStep International and 38 protestant theologians, including Rick Warren, Eric Metaxes and Ravi Zacharias. Neither Keller nor Alsdorf co-signed either document.

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