General Assembly Updates for Tuesday, June 11
By Staff
General Assembly

Actions of the Overtures Committee

The Overtures Committee reconvened on Tuesday morning and made the following recommendations.

Overtures Committee voted to reconsider its actions on Overture 13. The committee voted to recommend answering Overture 13, Commend and Encourage Distribution of Commission Letter Regarding Gender Reassignment for Minors, in the affirmative as amended. The vote was 78-56-1. Read the amended language here.

Overture 15 Amend BCO 7-2 to Specify Ordination for Biological Males Only, in the negative. The vote was 129-2-0.

 Overture 33, Erect Ad Interim Committee on the Book Jesus Calling, in the affirmative as amended. The vote was 80-53-2. Rather than establishing a study committee, the amended language is to request reports from the permanent committees of Mission to the World and PCA Discipleship Ministries (CDM). Read the amended language here. 

Overture 3, Grant Constitutional Status to BCO 53 re Preaching, in the affirmative as amended. The vote was 94-39-1. Read the amended language here. 

Overture 29, Amend BCO 53 by Addition to Ensure Only Men Preach, with reference to the committee’s actions on Overture 3. The vote was 120-10-2.

The Overtures Committee adopted grounds for 20 overtures. Click here to read the grounds.

Actions of the General Assembly

The Assembly was convened on Tuesday evening with 2,160 commissioners, making this the third-largest Assembly in PCA history. Ruling Elder Steve Dowling of Southeast Alabama Presbytery was elected moderator. He was elected by acclamation. Click here to read more about Dowling.

The Assembly voted by voice vote to approve amendments to BCO 7-3, 8-2, 9-3 and 38-1. These BCO amendments were first approved by the 50th General Assembly and then ratified by at least ⅔ of the presbyteries.

The Assembly heard several partial reports, including a partial report from the Overtures Committee regarding proposed changes to the Rules of Assembly Operation. The Assembly voted to accept the recommendations from Overtures Committee on Overtures 7, 14, and 28. Read more about those overtures here. 

The Assembly also heard reports from the Cooperative Ministries Committee, Committee on Constitutional Business, and Theological Examining Committee.



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