The 45th General Assembly voted on three of the nine recommendations from the Ad Interim Study Committee on Women in Ministry.

The 45th General Assembly voted to answer Overture 3 from Westminster Presbytery, “Declare  that  the  44th General Assembly  Erred  in  the  Formation  of  an  Ad  Interim  Committee  on the  Role  of  Women  as  not  Being  Properly  before  the  Court,  and  Dismiss  the  Ad  Interim  Committee with Apology,” in the negative.

The 45th General Assembly voted to adopt the recommendation “That  sessions,  presbyteries,  and  the  General  Assembly  recognize  that,  from  the founding of the PCA, there has been a variety of views and practices regarding the ways  in  which  women  may  serve  the  Lord  and  the  church  within  scriptural  and constitutional parameters, without ordination, and that such mutual respect for said views and practices continues.”

The 45th General Assembly also adopted the third recommendation “That  sessions,  presbyteries  and  the  General  Assembly  strive  to  develop,  recognize, and  utilize  the  gifts,  skills,  knowledge,  and  wisdom  of  godly  women  in  the  local, regional, and national church, and particularly consider overtures that would allow qualified  women  to  serve  on  appropriate committees  and  agencies  within  the church.”

The Assembly stands in recess until Thursday morning, at which time it will take up the rest of the recommendations from the study committee.