In January, Great Commission Publications (GCP) released the latest offering in its “So What?” Youth Bible studies series. “Identity & Purpose” explores the big questions of life and the answers offered in Genesis 1-3.

The 13-week study helps high school teens examine questions about life’s meaning and one’s individual purpose. The narrative of creation and Fall might be familiar to students, but “Identity & Purpose” will move them beyond the basic facts to learn the gospel’s deeper themes. Students will see that the Bible provides answers to questions such as “who am I, why am I here, why should I have any hope?”

Pressures teens face from the world around them can feel overwhelming, and Heather Cossar of GCP believes this study helps teens see how Scripture speaks compellingly to issues they face.

“In Genesis, God explains who He is and who we are,” Cossar said. “[Humans] are the only creatures created in God’s own image, which impacts our worth and value and trickles out to the various issues teens are dealing with.”

The modified inductive Bible study helps teens dive into Scripture and discover what God’s Word has to say about their lives. The leader guide provides background information, discussion questions, and tips for helping students further grasp the text. The study also encourages students to interact with the material by circling and underlining the text.

The goal of the “So What?” studies is to challenge students to ask and discover what difference the Bible makes in their lives.

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