Last night the General Assembly rejected the Overtures Committee’s recommendation to answer Overture 30 (regarding intinction) in the negative. The overture called for the addition of this sentence to Book of Church Order (BCO) 58-5: “Intinction [dipping the bread or wafer into the wine], because it conflates Jesus’ two sacramental actions, is not an appropriate method for observing the Lord’s Supper.”

The Assembly voted in favor of a minority report / substitute motion. That motion calls for answering Overture 30 in the affirmative, and for further amendments to BCO 58-5, including the sentence: “As Christ has instituted the Lord’s supper in two sacramental actions, the communicants are to eat the bread and drink the cup in separate actions.”

Because the motion calls for amending the BCO, it must  be approved by two-thirds of the denomination’s presbyteries.