I did not grow up observing Lent, and my first impressions of the observance came mostly from people who seemed to care more about abstaining from chocolate and TV than seeking God. I figured that Lent was either a colossal waste of spiritual time or there was something more behind the curtain of this often misunderstood Christian practice.

I know I need a primer for Lent. Maybe you do too.

If we take a moment to peer down the corridors of time, we glimpse a figure bowed beneath a sweltering sun. His vacant stomach has shriveled within him, leaving him at the mercy of extended psychological torture. His only sustenance—the word of God alone. It is Christ’s trial in the wilderness that sets the tone for our observation of Lent, but how can we even begin to compare our meager fastings to His?

For us, Lent is a chance to walk a little of this barren road with Him, to seek understanding in renunciation, to find healing in repentance, and discover a feast along the way.

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