This is the fourth in a series of posts I have done over the last few months in which I interview leaders of a variety of evangelical movements. Within the umbrella of evangelicalism, people believe differently about the Holy Spirit, baptism, ordinances, soteriology, worship styles, and all sorts of other aspects of church life. Here is the series so far:

Exploring Evangelicalism: The Assemblies of God

Exploring Evangelicalism: The Wesleyan Church

Exploring Evangelicalism: The Southern Baptist Convention

Today, we’re highlighting The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) with an interview with Dr. Bryan Chapell. Bryan is the Senior Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church and the former Chancellor of Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri, the denominational seminary of the Presbyterian Church in America.

In some cases, the person I invite to interview is obvious. George Wood, for example, leads the Assemblies of God. In some cases, it is less so—Frank Page leads an agency of the SBC, but it is also a “parent” agency in some ways (but not in others—which is more than you want to know, trust me!).

In the PCA, there is a Stated Clerk (and I was with Roy Taylor yesterday at the National Association of Evangelicals meeting), seminary presidents, heads of agencies, etc., which makes it a bit harder to pick someone to interview.

Yet, I know Bryan best and his article on the state of the PCA in the official denominational magazine (By Faith) caught my eye. (That article led to a flurry of responses.) Also, since he is the former chancellor of the denominational seminary (Covenant) and has been writing on the PCA, I asked him—and he delivered!

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